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Тест универсального проигрывателя OPPO BDP-105D (Stereo.ru)

Это не просто проигрыватель дисков Blu-ray, а именно универсальный плеер для всех видов контента — от видео во всевозможных форматах до аудио высокого разрешения, чтобы раскрыть весь его потенциал, аналоговой аудиочасти в конструкции уделено особое внимание. Ну а главная изюминка — новая система улучшения изображения Darbee's Visual Presence.

Тест универсального проигрывателя OPPO BDP-105D

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Oppo BDP-103, What Hi-Fi review

Good if you want the extra features, but picture and sound quality isn’t a huge leap over the best budget decks Oppo might not be the most prevalent brand in the UK when it comes to Blu-ray players, but it’s well respected among home cinema enthusiasts. The company has developed a reputation for building machines that go the extra mile both in terms of features and performance.

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Oppo BDP-105, AudioHead review

California-based electronics company Oppo has done a fine job of producing high quality HiFi products in the last few years.  The companies’ last iteration of the Blu-ray/CD/SACD player was welcomed with favorable reviews and did what very few other components have done, it straddled the invisible line between the moderately priced sub-$1000 components and the beginnings of the truly high-end source category.  In short, many felt it was a great value for the money, even though the price point is beginning to stray away from the affordable.  With the BDP-105 Oppo has decided to take this idea even a bit further, the new player is accompanied by a higher price and even more hi-end features.

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"... 3D Blu-ray Disc Player is the successor to the very successful BDP-95. This is in fact a very good upgrade, which includes new features such as an asynchronous USB DAC input and a fan-less design."

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"... most of those who invest in the 105 will be more than happy with its performance given its price."

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"At the 2012 CEDIA Expo the show floor may have had lots of 4K displays, new speakers to demo, and a whole host of audio and video products - but one device was shared in whispers. There was no booth... no demo room... just secret meetings all over the place..."

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Oppo BDP-103 Universal Network, 3D Blu-ray Player Reviewed
By: Andrew Robinson,